Embassy cables reveal 34 nations pressured by UK to oppose Scottish independence

passport_photo_biggerChristian Wright says: No one who would pressure 34 foreign powers to defame us and demean us should ever be in a position to rule over us.”


Update: Obama’s anodyne “endorsement” of the British Union on June 6 was scripted according to the Financial Times Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent 

“Those remarks from Obama on Scotland were not spontaneous. Came after an informal request from No 10.”

We Ourselves have additionally been told that the question that prompted the reply, was asked by a BBC journalist at the specific request of the Prime Minister’s Office.

And this just in from SKYNEWS by way of secondary corroboration skynews

“A US government source claims the president’s remarks on Scottish independence followed a direct request from the UK government.”

Diplomatic cables reveal the extent of the British Government’s collusion with foreign powers to damage the Scottish Government, undermine international confidence in Scotland’s economy, and to usurp the democratic process of the referendum on independence.34 govts pressured

The lid’s been blown clean off the UK Government’s anti-Scotland covert operation, and exposed the utter hypocrisy and mendacity of David Cameron.

Official diplomatic cables prove conclusively that even as Cameron told the country the choice was up to the Scottish people and that he would play no part in it, he was pressuring other nations leaders, including Russia’s Putin, to make statements that would undermine the case for Scotland’s ability to sustain itself, and to promote the meme of Scots dependence on the Union.

The diplomatic cables reveal the Devolution Unit, meant to assist the Scottish Government’s transactions with foreign governments, is functioning as a hostile covert agency of Cameron’s government.

‘The Devolution Unit, created by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 2012 to deliver abroad the “utmost co-operation”, now appears to be at the heart of Westminster’s anti-independence drive, amassing hostile reactions from overseas”, says the Sunday Herald.

“… [T]he FCO has contacted the governments of China, Russia, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the 28 EU nations about the Scottish referendum in a global search for allies who might oppose independence.

One recent cable showed UK embassies being ordered to forward a Westminster paper critical of independence “to their host governments and other local contacts” and then feed their comments back to the Devolution Unit “ASAP”.’

The most damaging aspect of these revelations is the extent to which Cameron, his ministers and the civil service he controls, have perpetrated one bare-faced lie after another. Lied to the Scottish people, lied to the Scottish Government, lied to parliaments in both London and Edinburgh.

This whole orchestrated fiction of non-interference has been shattered, and the depth of Unionist subterfuge, secret deals and collusion, has been thoroughly exposed to public scrutiny.

Now, given Mr Cameron’s penchant for lying at the drop of a hat, what other intrigues to subvert the electoral process remain to be discovered?

What other dirty tricks have he and his government yet to pull? Just how far are they prepared to go to usurp the democratic process they are sworn and legally bound to uphold?

The question for the Scottish electorate is: How do you trust a proven liar?


12 thoughts on “Embassy cables reveal 34 nations pressured by UK to oppose Scottish independence

  1. @William Clinton Regarding the possibility of electoral fraud I believe postal votes are now well over a million. This is by far greater than in any other election before. If there was fraud I’d expect this to be the major vector. Very easy to insert votes into this process (much easier than into ballot.)

  2. I am also concerned about the counting of votes. Call me Paranoid, but I just DO NOT TRUST this process to be without WM interference.

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  6. Did anybody expect honesty and integrity from Westminster? not me I expect them to try a fiddle the ballot boxes as well,I would say we will have a record number of postal votes and some of them will be from dead folk and some from those in prison,aye trust and Westminster just cant seem to go together.We need the UN in to oversee this referendum.

  7. I think the first thing YES and’o the SNP should do is ask Labour and the Lib dems whether or not they would like to endorse this British Government subterfuge or condemn it.


  8. The best revenge that Scotland can have is for a resounding YES vote in September. Let’s make it so.

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  10. Just goes to show that the terms of the Edinburgh Agreement mean nothing to David Cameron…

  11. If this is true,then Mr Cameron and his cronnies should be brought to justice. How can they get away with this. Surely if Mr Salmond and Hollyrood politicians did this.There would be an outcry from the better together voters.I think that this underhand scaremongering shows the people of SCOTLAND for what these people are.

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